Welcome to our Management Information Systems (MIS) Departmental website. As you look through the site you will quickly realize that our department offers a unique combination of excellence in research and outstanding teaching and academic programs, as well as important business partnerships.

Our MIS department is nationally ranked in the top 5 MIS programs. Remarkably, it’s been ranked at the top for over 27 years! The MIS department was a pioneer in forging and developing the MIS discipline. We have a long history of accomplishments and our graduates have been excelling in organizations all over the world. 

The initiatives and activities that are currently taking place here are incredible. On the research front, the department has achieved the largest external funding base of any MIS department or, as a matter of fact, any business school in the country. This not only demonstrates the prestige and high expertise of our faculty, but the recognition that we understand the broader role of IT and information systems as the foundation and source of innovation for organizations and modern society.

In the last year alone, our faculty have secured close to $100 million of external funding to work on interdisciplinary research encompassing innovative projects such as iPlant, Border Security and the Dark Web cyber security projects. The accomplishments of our internationally renowned faculty are really outstanding.

What is really unique and exciting in our department is that our research excellence is fully integrated into real-life business solutions and most importantly, into our academic programs. Our undergraduate program continues to be ranked at the very top, and the employment opportunities abound for these graduates. Our masters and doctoral programs are very competitive and generate highly sought after graduates. All of our programs equip our students with state-of-the-art knowledge and solid background that will prepare them for very successful careers.

Our corporate partnerships are very solid and we hope to expand these cohesive relationships further in the form of student special programs, scholarships, internships, research projects and various conferences and events.

Dr. Sue BrownOur journey in excellence continues on and we would like you to be part of it. If you are prospective student, an alum, a potential business partner, or an academic colleague, we are certain to find ways to engage you. Take time to visit our site and don’t hesitate to contact me at suebrown@email.arizona.edu or give me a call at 520.626.8330.

Sue Brown
McClelland Professor of MIS
MIS Department Head