LaSalle-Chen Scholarship

LaSalle Chen Scholarship

Established in 2010, theLaSalle-Chen Scholarship is available to students with advanced standing in MIS or Operations Management. The scholarship’s goal is to encourage and support students with significant academic promise that have overcome personal challenges to obtain advanced standing in MIS. The scholarship’s focus is one of encouragement and allowing students to fulfill their promise, and therefore is open to all students who obtain advanced standing in MIS regardless of their current GPA.

Drs Jim LaSalle and Hsinchun Chen

Dr. Jim LaSalle (left) Dr. Hsinchun Chen (right)

The scholarship is an annual award of $1000, and is renewable as long as the student continues to make progress towards their degree and remains in good academic standing. There will be a total of 5 scholarships awarded per year.

The LaSalle-Chen Scholarship was established in honor of two MIS professors. Dr. Jim LaSalle is Professor Emeritus of the MIS Department at the University of Arizona, having served the MIS department and the University for more than 30 years as a master teacher. Dr. Hsinchun Chen is McClelland Professor of MIS at the University of Arizona. He has served the MIS department and The University for 30 years and has been a prolific researcher.

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded the LasSalle-Chen Scholarship!

 Spring 2019
Demetrius Carbin Jonathan Roeder  Madeline Stidham
 Fall 2018
Joe Adragna  Canuto Sanchez  Brian Leatherman 
Spring 2018
Daniel Dickson Juan Pablo Penaloza  
Fall 2017
 Tristan Giles Courtney Ong Jorge Alberto Dominguez
Spring 2017
Alan Escalante Jacob Boubion  
Fall 2016
 Alexandra K. Gomez Jacob D. Lassiter Marc P. Duggan
Spring 2016
Ebitie Amughan Guadalupe Angeles Jonathan Korth
Brek Thompson
Fall 2015
Matthew Leeper Steven Cabrera  
Spring 2015
Ebitie Thomasina Amughan Jonathan Michael Korth  
Fall 2014
Calvin Barreras Adrian Ulises Gonzalez Ygochukwu Ume
Spring 2014
Stephen Michael Dolan Vincent John Ercolani Tyson Keith
Fall 2013
Huy Quoc Nguyen Demar Stewart  
Spring 2013
John Grisham Jennifer Sinclair  
Fall 2012
Isaac Ranular Taverns Vinh Truong Mo Zhou
Fall 2011
Timothy R. Lujan Louise McDermott  
Fall 2010
Caryn Conde Lavanya Harish Jamie Meadows