Scholarships Overview

Generous Supporters Helping Students to Succeed

It is with pride and gratefulness that we are able to provide the following scholarships to our students. We thank each and every sponsor below for their generous contributions to help us help our students Shape the Future of IT.

Joelle Benson STEM Scholarship

The Joelle Benson STEM (JBEN STEM) scholarship provides MIS undergraduates the opportunity to participate in hands-on research projects involving analytics in health care during their fall and spring semesters.

Joseph and Mary Cacioppo Scholarship in Business

The Joseph and Mary Cacioppo Scholarship was established to recognize Juniors who excel in MIS and who show promise for success in the business world. Click here to view the awardees.

Konur Family Scholarship

The Konur Family Scholarship began in 2007 and is given to MIS students who are in their second, third or fourth year of their program. Awards are made to outstanding students based on their merit and promise of success. Click here to view the awardees.

LaSalle-Chen Scholarship

Established in 2010, the LaSalle-Chen Scholarship is available to students with advanced standing in MIS or Operations Management. The scholarship’s goal is to encourage and support students with significant academic promise that have overcome personal challenges to obtain advanced standing in MIS. The scholarship’s focus is one of encouragement and allowing students to fulfill their promise, and therefore is open to all students who obtain advanced standing in MIS regardless of their current GPA. Click here to view the awardees.

William and Florence Schmidt Scholarship

William and Florence Schmidt believed in the importance of making available to youth the opportunity to secure a good educational foundation on which to build a better future. The William and Florence Schmidt scholarships are awarded each year to MIS students who are making satisfactory progress toward their degree. Click here to view the awardees.