Undergraduate Programs

Three Exceptional Programs & One Certificate

The MIS Department at The University of Arizona, Eller College of Management offers three exceptional majors and one certificate for undergraduate students. They are:

These programs focus on the application of IS and its important application in the business environment. These programs not only concentrate on information systems and production processes, but also on how to analyze a business situation, to determine the opportunities and threats facing a business entity and how MIS fits into the overall strategy for success. There is a strong focus on teamwork and hands-on application. You will also have the opportunity to develop skills in potential areas such as business writing and project management.

BSBA - Management Information Systems Major

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) with a major in Management Information Systems is designed for students interested in the challenging, exciting and high-demand field of information systems. This field requires a solid grasp of business practices combined with an understanding of the role information systems play within organizations.

Professionals who practice in the field of MIS serve as a "middle man/women" or a bridge between those who build information systems and the end users. They are trained to determine how best to use technology to solve business problems and provide strategic advantages. They help ensure that organizations make information available to the right people, at the right time, and in the right format.

The curriculum emphasizes the analysis, design and implementation of information systems, data management, data communications, as well as currently emerging topics such as electronic commerce and knowledge management. Students aiming at careers as system developers, systems analysts, database administrators, or information systems oriented management consultants will find this program especially useful.

You must have completed two years of pre-business courses, have completed the Professional Program Admissions and have been accepted into the MIS major.

View a sample four-year plan for the BSBA Management Information Systems Major.

BSBA Operations Management Major

The field of operations management (OM) originated in manufacturing where it is sometimes called production management. However, today we know that the concepts apply equally to the creation of goods and services. OM is about getting things done within an organization using systems and methods that are efficient and effective.

OM majors learn about design, operation, control and updating of productive processes. Topics include quality control, process improvement, capacity analysis, inventory control, materials requirement planning (MRP), project management, forecasting, Japanese manufacturing techniques or Just-in-time production, linear programming, queuing systems and simulation.

Graduates in OM often work in the area of production planning, inventory control, operations analysis, materials management. Since most of the work today in operations is done with information systems, our majors are required to learn a programming language and encouraged to take courses in the MIS area as well as their required classes in OM.

You must have completed two years of pre-business courses, have completed the Professional Program Admissions and have been accepted into the OM major.

View a Sample four-year plan for the BSBA Operations Management Major.

BSBA - MIS/Operations Management Double Major

A double major in Management Information Systems and Operation Management can provide you with a very powerful career edge.

No matter what industry an enterprise is involved in, there are two things that you can count on. You can bet that there are inefficiencies in their processes. And you can bet that at least some aspect of their business relies on information technology.

From grocery stores to automakers, business entities deal with resource limitations, bottlenecks and queuing issues. Whether their supply chain is as simple as vendor-business-customer or as complex as the U.S. government's, they all have to coordinate processes to ensure that their product and/or service is available to the customer when the customer is ready, willing and able to buy. This involves collecting data and transforming it into information that can be used to evaluate, plan and monitor.

Combining studies in Operations Management and Management of Information Systems will give you a deeper understanding of the issues involved in making processes as efficient and effective as possible.

By taking only two additional courses, you can increase your potential and your value to future employers. If you are willing to exert a little more effort the rewards can be well worth it.

You must have completed two years of pre-business courses, have completed the Professional Program Admissions and have been accepted into the MIS/OM major.

Please visit Eller College's Undergraduate MIS webpage for more information and to view a sample 4-year plan for the above programs.

Enterprise Security Certificate

Cybersecurity awareness training is important in almost any type of industry. Whether inside or outside, crime can have a devastating effect on a company. Students completing the Enterprise Security Certificate will become proficient at spotting suspicious cyber activity, which in turn can reduce the opportunities for crime to occur.

The Enterprise Security Certificate entails successful completion of three 3 unit courses for a total of 9 units.

Upon successful completion of the three courses students can receive:

  • The MIS Departmental Enterprise Security Certificate
  • CPE units for CISSP, ISSAP, ISSEP, ISSMP, CAP and SSCP designation(s). These designations are offered by (ISC)².
  • CPE units for CISM and CRISC designations which are offered by ISACA.
  • One year of qualified work experience towards the the Certified Information Security Manager® (CISM®) designation.

MIS undergraduate courses available for the certificate include:

Course title  
Information Security in the Public and Private Sectors (MIS415)  
Information Security, Risk Mgmt., Disaster Recovery (MIS416)  
Systems Security Management (MIS417)