MIS 429 - Detection of Deception and Intent



With the increased challenges from terrorism, the need to protect against security threats is even greater today. Thus, it is becoming increasingly necessary to find innovative and better ways to protect ourselves from these security threats. Finding less invasive techniques of detection suggests analyzing people's behavior or the ways/patterns in which they talk/write and identify cues to detect deception and the intent of deception. Also, this procedure needs to be automated using software tools and techniques because of the infeasibility of the manual approach for deployment of these techniques on a large scale. Thus our focus in this course is geared towards developing software tools and techniques dealing with the automatic deception and intent. The course will be project-based involving exchange of ideas, opportunities, challenges, and research issues as well as development of software tools and techniques, in the area of detection of deception and intent, primarily based on the current research work being done at the Center for the Management of Information (CMI) at the University of Arizona.