Outstanding Senior

Emma WoodCongratulations to the Spring 2018 MIS Department Outstanding Senior: Emma Wood.

The University of Arizona Foundation’s Outstanding Senior Awards program was established in 1971 to recognize the outstanding performances of the University's best seniors.

Every fall and spring semester, the academic departments within the Eller College nominate one graduating senior from their major for this award.

The Arizona Foundation Outstanding Senior for the Eller College is selected by a committee who interviews the individual department nominees. Final selection is made by weighing the candidates’ academic and extra-curricular achievements.

Congratulations to the following who have represented the MIS department over the years.

MIS Department Outstanding Senior Year Nominated
Ben Ampel Fall 2017
Hannah Lynn Barry Spring 2017
Rebecca L. Paul** Fall 2016
Mounica Urity Spring 2016
Jieun Huh Fall 2015
Adam Eugene Crompton Spring 2015
Allison Gray Merdinger Fall 2014
Victoria Rose DeHaven Spring 2014
Lauren Wynn Fall 2013
Nidhi Arora Spring 2013
Kyle Olsen Fall 2012
Ryan FitzPatrick Spring 2012
Jennifer A. Dicochea Fall 2011
Joseph Altamirano Spring 2011
Ryan Kolfer Fall 2010
Richard Catlin Spring 2010
Jason Tranel Fall 2009
William J. Wycoff III Spring 2009
Juinn Chang Fall 2008
Brian Chase Spring 2008
Kara Lawhorn** Fall 2007
Laura Reid Spring 2007
William Lippert Fall 2006
Shirley Chai** Spring 2006
Haamed Alfulaij Fall 2005
Krstina Hoock Spring 2005
Aaron Harris Fall 2004
Theodore Stark Spring 2004
Benjamin Gross Fall 2003
Andrea Winkle Spring 2003
Raymond White (MIS) Spring 2002
Jennifer Olding (OPER) Spring 2002
Noah Knauf (MIS)** Spring 2001
Kapil Chibber (OPER) Spring 2001

** indicates MIS/OM students who won the The Arizona Foundation Outstanding Senior for the Eller College.