Tomorrow’s Leaders Equipped for Diversity Program

MIS Leading Diversity logoDo you know what it takes to be successful on a diverse team? Do you know how to recruit, manage and benefit from a diverse team?

Regardless of your gender, race, ethnicity, orientation, or beliefs, if you want to be a successful team player and top manager, leveraging diversity is an essential skill. Recognizing and addressing diversity problems will be essential.

Catapult yourself to the top by leveraging and benefiting from diversity.

Until now there were few, if any, educational programs designed to proactively address the diversity problems that face leaders and managers of tomorrow.

To help address this problem, the MIS department in conjunction with the Panhuise Family Foundation, National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) and Microsoft Research has developed the Tomorrow's Leaders Equipped for Diversity program.

This program is designed to help students become leaders equipped to counter the problems and leverage the benefits of diversity.

The Tomorrow's Leaders Equipped for Diversity program contains three components.

1. Gain a Certificate

Participate in three live or online presentations and successfully complete three mini-quizzes. [more]

2. Earn a Project Scholarship

Successfully complete a company project and earn a $50 or $150 scholarship. [more]

3. Win a Travel Award

Win a travel award to attend an exciting diversity conference in the U.S.A. [more]

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