Tomorrow’s Leaders Equipped for Diversity Program

MIS Leading Diversity logo Do you know what it takes to be successful on a diverse team? Do you know how to recruit, manage and benefit from a diverse team?

Regardless of your gender, race, ethnicity, age, orientation, or beliefs, if you want to be a successful team player and top manager, leveraging diversity is an essential skill. Recognizing and addressing diversity issues will be essential. This program is designed to help students become leaders equipped to counter potential problems and take advantage of the benefits of diversity.

Program Supporters

Program Components

Learn From Experts and Earn a Certificate
Participate in three on-campus presentations (spring semester only) or three online presentations and successfully complete three mini-quizzes. [more]

Attend Grace Hopper Celebration with MIS Colleagues 
Grace Hopper Celebration is an exciting diversity conference held annually in the U.S. Travel awards are available for students attending the conference with a group of MIS students and faculty. [more]

Join a Lean In Circle
Meetings, workshops, and other professional development events for Master's and PhD students.

Did you know...?
Explore statistics and learn the facts about diversity in the workplace.

Diversity Diner
Have coffee (on us!) with someone who is different from you, and discover how much you have in common. 

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