Recruiting Top Talent

MIS JobsHiring a student from our top ranked department helps to guarantee that your company is benefiting from the education and hard work of exceptionally motivated and enthusiastic students.

Admission into our programs is highly selective and we choose only the cream of the crop to participate in our educational experience.



Interviews for full-time positions are held throughout the Academic year.  The majority of our Master's students graduate in December and the majority of our Undergraduate students graduate in May.

Employer benefits include:

  • New hires who have been educated from a top-five ranked school and who have completed the in-depth rigors of a higher education
  • Fresh innovative ideas from individuals who have learned the latest technology concepts and theories and who have the skills to incorporate them
  • The opportunity to mold your company’s future leaders
  • Individuals that have leadership and team work experience in addition to excellent critical thinking skills and experience

NOTE: International students who graduate from our Master's in MIS program are eligible to work in the U.S. for 29 months - without corporate sponsorship - after graduation. This is because our Master's program is designated a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program. For more details contact our MIS Career Coordinator.


Recruiting MIS students for summer internships provides a wonderful opportunity to raise your company’s profile among students.

Successful internships are structured as independent projects that can be completed in three months, or as a structured series of shorter-term assignments.

Corporate employer benefits include:

  • A cost-effective way of hiring potential employees
  • The presence of enthusiastic student-employees with fresh ideas and knowledge of the latest technology and techniques
  • The opportunity to assess interns without making a long-term hiring commitment
  • Short-term staffing to aid in completing crucial projects
  • Awareness of current curriculum and the opportunity to evaluate if the university’s objectives are meeting business needs 

Student benefits include:

  • The chance to combine classroom theory and learning with practical work experience
  • The opportunity to work with a company without making a long-term commitment
  • Making networking contacts for future job searches
  • The chance to explore and clarify career choices and goals
  • The opportunity to work with professionals in a chosen field and showcase their talents and capabilities to a prospective employer

Let Us Help You Find the Right Match

Contact our MIS Career Coordinator so that we can customize your recruiting experience. We can help set up information sessions and interviews in our offices or via virtual means, plus direct you to the best ways to reach our students.

In addition, we invite companies to join us at our MIS Career Fairs which we have every semester.