Moshe Dror

Eller Professor of MIS


Ph.D., University of Maryland at College Park, Management Science

Areas of Expertise

  • Cooperative game theory
  • Cost allocation in inventory and supply chain management
  • Applied combinatorial optimization in transportation, logistics and manufacturing
  • Intelligent solution systems for operations scheduling


MIS 473A/573A and MIS 473B/573B Production and Operations Management
MIS 696D Models for Quantitative Analysis


Game Theory Applications

  • Dror, M., G. Kendall, A. Rapoport, Elicitation of Strategies in Four Variants of a Round-robin Tournament: The case of Goofspiel, IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games, (in press), 2015.
  • Burer, S., M. Dror, Newsvendor Games: Convex Optimization of Centralized Inventory Operations, TOP – J. of Spanish Statistical & Operations Research Society 20,707-728, 2012.
  • Dror, M., L.A. Guardiola, A. Meca, J. Puerto, Realization Games in Newsvendor Inventory Centralization, I.J. of Game Theory 37, 139-153, 2008.
  • Dror, M., B.C. Hartman, Shipment Consolidation: Who Is Going to Pay for it and How Much? Management Science 53, 78-87, 2007.

Combinatorial Optimization

  • Berger, L., M. Dror, J. Lynch, Universal Number Partition Problem with Divisibility, Discrete Mathematics 312, 1693-1698, 2012.
  • Dror, M., G. Steiner, ’Strong’-‘Weak’ Precedence in Scheduling: Extensions to Series-parallel Orders, Discrete Applied Mathematics 158, 1767-1776, 2010.
  • Dror, M., J.B. Orlin, Combinatorial Optimization with Explicit Delineation of the Ground Set by Collection of Subsets, SIAM J. on Discrete Mathematics, 21, 1019-1034, 2007.
  • Dror, M., Y. Lee, J.B. Orlin, V. Polishchuk, The Metric TSP and the Sum of its Marginal Values, I.J. of Computational Geometry & Applications 16, 333-343, 2006.


  • Carl, K., M. Dror, Multi-Day Bicycle Tour Route Generation, J. of Quantitative Analysis in Sports, (published online March 2015).
  • Dror, M., Routing Propane Deliveries, (eds.) A. Langevin and D. Riopel, LOGISTICS SYSTEMS: DESIGN & OPTIMIZATION, Springer, 299-322, 2005.


  • Have been invited to 117 university seminars including those at Berkeley, Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Ecole Centrale Paris, Georgia Tech, INSEAD, LSE, MIT, Michigan, Northwestern, NYU, Penn, Technion, Tel-Aviv U., UBC, and Yale.
  • Invited Speaker, DOMinant 3-day workshop on Inventory Routing and Fleet-Size-and-Mix problems, Molde University, Oslo, Norway, Sep. 2009.
  • Plenary Speaker, Conference on Scheduling: Theory and Applications (MISTA 2009) iv, “‘Strong’ - ‘Weak’ Precedence in Job Scheduling”, Dublin, Ireland, August 2009.
  • Invited Tutorial, INFORMS Western Regional Conference 2009, “Cooperative and Mixed Inventory Games”, Tempe, Arizona, April 2009.
  • Plenary Speaker, International Symposium on Combinatorial Optimization (CO 2008), “Another Look at Euclidian TSP and Packing: ‘This’ Almost Never Happens”, University of Warwick, U.K, March 2008.


  • Conference Co-Chair - Behavioral and Quantitative Game Theory: Conference on Future Direction, 2010.

Professional Associations

  • Editorial Board: Decision Making in Manufacturing and Services (2006 - present)
  • Associate Editor: Journal of Scheduling (2003 - present)
  • Institute for Operations Research & Management Science (INFORMS)
  • International Society of Dynamic Games (ISDG)
  • Member of EPSRC Peer Review College, Swindon, UK, (2006 - present)

Awards and Honors

  • Allan N. Nash Award, Distinguished Doctoral Graduate, Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, 2004
  • Distinguished Doctoral Graduate, Allan N. Nash Award, Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park, 2004
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Fellowship, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, 2002-2003
  • The British Council Foreign and Commonwealth Scholarship 1984, University of Lancaster, U.K.