Bin Zhang

Assistant Professor of MIS
Visiting Research Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University


Ph.D., Information Systems, Carnegie Mellon University, 2012
M.S., Machine Learning, Carnegie Mellon University, 2011

Areas of Expertise

  • Large social network analysis
  • Statistical modeling for social network problems
  • Social media, technology diffusion and business analytics


MIS 331 Database Management Systems
MIS 545 Data Mining for Business Intelligence

Teaching Interests

Data mining
Business analytics
Programming languages

Refereed Journals

  • Liu, X., Zhang, B., Susarla, A., and Padman, R. Go To Youtube and See Me Tomorrow: Social Media and Self-care of Chronic Conditions. MIS Quarterly (forthcoming).
  • Zhao, K., Zhang, B., and Bai, X. (2018) Estimating External Motivating Factors in Virtual Inter-organizational Communities of Practice: Peer Effects and Organizational Influences. Information Systems Research.
  • Zhang, B., Pavlou, P., and Krishnan, R. (2018) On Direct vs Indirect Influence in Large Social Networks. Information Systems Research.
  • Benjamin, V., Zhang, B., Chen, H., and Nunamaker, J. (2016) Examining Hacker Participation Length within Cybercriminal IRC Communities. Journal of Management Information Systems.
  • Zhang, B., Thomas, A. C., Krackhardt, D., Doreian, P., and Krishnan, R. (2013) Contrasting Multiple Social Network Autocorrelations for Binary Outcomes, with Applications to Technology Adoption. ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems.

Paper Under Review

Refereed Conferences & Proceedings

  • Xie J, Zhang B. (2018) Readmission Risk Prediction for Patients with Heterogeneous Hazard: A Trajectory-Aware Deep Learning Approach. 2018 International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), San Francisco, CA.
  • Guo, C., Zhang, B., Chen, X., and Goes, P. (2017) Pay Easy, Buy More: An Empirical Study of the Purchase Feature in Social Media Apps. In Proceedings of ICIS 2017, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Liu, X., Zhang, B., Susarla, A., and Padman, R. Go to YouTube and Call Me Tomorrow: Visual Social Media Analytics for Patient Self Care.  In 2017 Workshop on Information Systems and Economics (WISE 2017).
  • Zhao, K., Zhang, B., and Bai, X. (2016) Who Motivates My Participation in Virtual Interorganizational Communities of Practice: Self, Peers, or the Firm? In Proceedings of  ICIS 2016, Dublin, Ireland.
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  • Zhang, B., Pavlou, P., Krishnan, R., and Krackhardt, D. (2013) Comparing Peer Influences in Large Social Networks – An Empirical Study on CRBT. In Proceedings of ICIS 2013, Milan, Italy.
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  • Zhang, B., Pavlou, P., Krishnan, R., and Krackhardt, D. (2013) An Empirical Investigation of Contagion on CRBT Adoption. In CIST 2013, Minneapolis, MN. (Nominated for best paper award)


  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
    Co-PI, The Structure and Dynamics of Generative Innovations: An Organizational Genetics Approach, $237,076
  • NSF
    Co-Investigator, VOSS-Collaborative Research: Evolution in Virtualized Design Processes in Project-Based Design Organizations, $214,590
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH)
    Co-Investigator, Understanding E-Cigarette Adoption and Marketing: A Social Media Study, $586,346
  • Center of Leadership Ethics, University of Arizona
    Co-PI, Identifying Cues to Deception During Job Interviews Using Motion Analysis
  • Center for Management Innovations in Health Care (CMIHC), University of Arizona
    PI, Boosting Patient Knowledge: the Impact of Healthcare Video Intelligent Search on Diabetic Patient Self-care, $5,000.
  • Institute for Business and Information Technology, Temple University
    PI, Analyzing Big Intraorgnizational Network Data, $10,000.


  • Best Paper Award, Runner up, Sixth International Conference for Smart Health, 2018.
  • Nominee, Small Class Faculty of the Year, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona, 2015.
  • Teaching award, Eller College Student Council, University of Arizona, 2015.
  • Fellow, ICIS 2012 Junior Faculty Consortium, December 2012, Orlando, FL.
  • Nominee for Association of Information Systems (AIS) Best Dissertation Competition, Carnegie Mellon University, 2012.
  • Fellow, ICIS 2011 Doctoral Consortium, December 2011, Shanghai, China.