New Online Dual Degree Option: MIS and Cybersecurity

January 29, 2019

Have you thought about pursuing a job in the high-demand (and well-paid) field of cybersecurity, but you don’t have enough technical experience? An MS MIS/MS Cybersecurity dual degree can get you there.

Our 100% online courses are taught by the same faculty who teach in our on-ground programs. The flexibility of asynchronous course delivery and 8-week formats helps professionals balance study with work, family, and other activities.

Here’s how it works: Prior to completing the first year of the MS MIS online program, students apply to the MS Cybersecurity online program as well. Working with an academic advisor, the student creates a plan of study that takes advantage of core courses and electives that count toward both degrees. The student then earns two Master’s degrees by taking just 48 course credits (versus 63—30 for MS MIS and 33 for MS Cybersecurity). This can be completed in two years and eight months of part time study if a student takes one class in each 8-week term (six classes per year).

The first year of study as an MIS student provides the solid technical foundation needed to qualify for the Information Systems track of the Cybersecurity program. The first year includes courses like Information Systems Analysis & Design, Enterprise Data Management, and Data Mining for Business Intelligence.

In the second year of study, a dual degree student is ready for courses like Cyber Threat Intelligence and Penetration Testing: Ethical Hacking & Social Engineering. The final course is the Cyber Warfare Capstone.

New students are admitted six times a year, and qualified applicants can start their courses as quickly as three weeks after applying. Upcoming application deadlines are February 18 and April 22. Additional deadlines are listed on the website.

For more information contact Bryn Pallette, Program Coordinator/Advisor: