Preserving a Legacy

Jay F. Nunamaker Preserving His Legacy
May 16, 2017

We see the names of our successful alumni and friends everywhere in the Eller College of Management building: Eller, McClelland, McGuire, Berger, Estes, Muzzy, and so many more.

When we have met the people behind these gifts, the named space or program is even more meaningful. Their stories are the Eller College story, and shape a culture that we are all a part of – faculty, staff, students, and alumni together.

One such MIS legacy is Jay F. Nunamaker.

Regents’ Professor Jay Nunamaker not only led the MIS department when the field was in its infancy, he also helped create the nation’s first MIS curriculum. A born innovator, he earned over $35 million in grants to research collaboration, information technologies, deception detection and more, and also commercialized a team-based decision software tool, GroupSystems.

We aim to honor his work and tremendous contribution by refurbishing and revitalizing the McClelland classroom where “it all started”, room #214.

This classroom space (shown in the picture above) was home to some of Jay’s most influential work, and will serve generations of graduate students to come following its renovation this summer.

Join us in contributing gifts of all sizes to help preserve Jay’s legacy by visiting and selecting “Jay Nunamaker Classroom” in the drop down menu.