Student Impact - The Patti T. Ota Award

March 12, 2012

Throughout an instructors lifetime they have the opportunity  to touch many student’s lives both directly and indirectly. One such example of  this powerful student impact is the Patti T. Ota Women’s Studies Award at  Lehigh University.

The Women's Studies Program at Lehigh began with the  offering of a minor in 1978. Both a major and a graduate certificate were added  in 2008. Women's Studies at Lehigh is an interdisciplinary field of academic  inquiry that critically examines the diverse realities of women's lives and the  ways in which gender and power differentials shape human lives and human  societies.

Dr. Patti Ota (currently MIS Associate Professor) was the  vice provost (1989-1999) and dean for the college of Business and Economics (1997-1999)  at Lehigh University. At Lehigh she led the faculty in responding to the  challenges of assuring continuation of accreditation and reorganized the  Iacocca Institute to ensure fiscal stability.

The Patti T. Ota Women's Studies Award was started in 1997  to recognize a graduating Women's Studies student who combines strong academic  achievement with a significant contribution to improving the condition of women  at Lehigh and/or in the community.  Students  receive an award check as well as a plaque from Women's Studies. Their names  are included on a larger plaque that hangs in the Women's Studies Program  office. To date 21 Lehigh women have received the award.

This year, the award will be presented at the Gender Equity  Awards Reception hosted by the Lehigh University Feminist Alliance (associate  with the Women's Center) at the end of March. The Women's Studies Program is hosting a  faculty/student dinner following the reception and Patti will be the guest of  honor at the dinner.