Students Solving Business Challenges

Master's in MIS Students Solve Business Challenges
May 05, 2017

Every spring our Master’s in MIS students complete a semester long project in which they work with company representatives to solve real business problems. This semester 66 students completed 16 individual projects that provided companies with high-impact positive results.

These real-world business-consulting projects excite students and makes learning more tangible and real. They gain experience, transform classroom theories into practice, and develop/apply competences, such as teamwork, project management, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. Additionally, students develop awareness for the importance of their professional life, entrepreneurial attitude, and initiative spirit.  The University benefits from continued and new business relationships as well as from the standard $10,000 project consulting fee.

The projects help companies gain access to potential new interns and full-time employees, as well as new ideas and knowledge from top-5 ranked students.

Company projects came from a wide spectrum of industries including:

  • Global enterprises in travel, manufacturing, electronics, and mining
  • Service based enterprises in finance and health care
  • Entrepreneurial firms in disaster recovery and autonomous travel
  • Government

Samples of project deliverables include:

  • Balance sheet stress testing
  • Data and systems analysis resulting in a unified view of operations
  • Researching the key technology behind bitcoin and its potential future impact on business operations
  • Researching and determining the potential future impact of machine learning for manufacturing
  • Creating a prototype to capture the outcome of the Manual Review of Revenue Integrity decisions and make recommendations to reduce manual interventions
  • Using data driven market research and data analysis to deploy a new SaaS product
  • Evaluating, assessing, and recommending a system for greater government transparency based upon citizen needs and best practices
  • Creating a business opportunity and feasibility assessment for self-driving electric cars
  • Developing a prototype for food, recipe, inventory, and health related needs
  • Researching, evaluating, and recommending an end-point protection strategy and solution
  • Analyzing process, systems, and data resulting in a recommendation and prototype solution for health care productivity
  • Providing direction on the best usage of predictive analytics that will help the company move from a reactive to a proactive pricing strategy position

Interested in finding out more how your company can benefit from a Master’s in MIS student project? Contact Rob Owen for more details.