Online MS MIS Degree Ranked #2 Among Publics for 2019

February 05, 2019

The MS MIS online program jumped to #2 public/#4 overall in the 2019 Best Online Programs rankings released in January by U.S. News & World Report. In 2018 the program was ranked #5 public/#8 overall in the Best Online Information Technology Programs category.

Programs are ranked on indicators in five categories: engagement, expert opinion, faculty credentials and training, services and technologies, and student excellence. Of these five, MISonline ranked highest in student engagement, receiving a near perfect score (98/100). Courses include a variety of active learning opportunities to connect students and faculty, including projects, discussions, chats and labs.

The program also received a high score in faculty credentials and training. MISonline courses are taught by the same world-renowned faculty who teach on-ground courses, and they cover the same topics.

Tara Mysak, who balances her MISonline studies with a full time job, had high praise for her experience. Referring to the MIS 515 class, she said: “Lance Hoopes is a fantastic teacher and his class is super well organized. He responds quickly, and he’s really interested in what people are doing and how they’re doing it.”   

Mysak was impressed by similar attentiveness and concern from Dr. Daniel Zheng. Knowing that she came into his class with less Java programming experience than some of her peers, he reached out to her a week into the course to find out how she felt about the Java part of the assignments and to offer support.

John Moeller, a recent graduate of the program, credits the faculty for imparting new skills that he immediately put into practice at work. “Professor Siegel helped me develop a report that I was proud to give a senior leader in our organization about a new endeavor that could solve a major IT problem. She had lots of great exercises and suggestions that made my work better.”

Moeller, an established IT professional, was able to build upon his existing knowledge: “Dr. Faiz Currim’s Enterprise Data Management course challenged me in so many ways but I learned an incredible amount about modeling and databases. He was very responsive when we had questions or needed help. I learned so much about advanced techniques in Oracle in his class.”

New students are admitted six times a year, and qualified applicants can start their courses as quickly as three weeks after applying. Upcoming application deadlines are February 18 and April 22. Additional deadlines are listed on the website.