Congratulations Jay Nunamaker

Congratulations Jay Nunamaker
April 01, 2017

Congratulations to Dr. Jay Nunamaker for the following awards and new grants!

In late January 2017, Jay received the most prolific author award for the past fifty years with 101 papers from the 50th Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences

In March 2017, Jay received the 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award from the Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences from his alma mater the University of Pittsburgh.

Jay NunamakerAs per the Dean of Engineering, University of PA, “Jay’s expertise in information technology is recognized around the world, and he has been named by Forbes Magazine as one of eight key innovators in information technology," Dean Gerald Holder stated, "To call his research production and citations ‘impressive’ would be a disservice, especially since this January, he was named the most prolific author of the past half-century by the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. He has over 25,000 citations and 400 publications. I also might add that he had over $100 million in research funding.” (photo courtesy of Univ. of PA)

On the research front, Jay and co-PI Judee Burgoon received

1. Two years of support from the Canadian border Services Agency for testing the AVATAR/KIOSK in Ottawa, Canada.

2. A MURI (Multi University Research Initiative) from the U.S. Army for 6.25 million over 5 years. Partners include University of Maryland (lead), Stanford University, Rutgers University and University of California at Santa Barbara.

The prospect deals with predictions about socio-cultural adversarial networks. Jay’s and Judee’s team will design a serious game to be played in 5-6 countries to elicit relational communication patterns that can be automatically extracted and tracked. The project team will automatically identify which kinesic, proxemics, vocalic, linguistic and physiological features are candidate indicators of affection-hostility, dominance-deference, and trust-distrust.