MIS Helps Fortaleze Build a Smart City
September 22, 2015

Fortaleza, Brazil and the MIS department have partnered together on a new project titled “Smart Cities.” The project combines the expertise of MIS’ INSITE Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics, Fortaleza’s Department of Urban Transportation and Mobility and the University of Fortaleza. Smart Cities is the main component of I3FOR, an exciting new collaboration that is being formed between The University of Arizona and UNIFOR – University of Fortaleza.

September 18, 2015

MISonline has added the new Project Management course to our online program offerings to enhance the skills of our MISonline students and help meet the demands of their employers. Managing projects is not easy, but it is a crucial skill to have in the workplace. With ever-increasing workloads and deadlines, the ability to successfully manage projects is imperative to one’s career and professional success.

MIS professor Gondy Leroy Develops Online Text Tool
September 14, 2015

The University of Arizona’s MIS Associate Professor and Principal Investigator (PI) Gondy Leroy’s research team will develop a free online writing tool for medical professionals that will increase consumer health literacy and comprehension. The project is supported through a $1.4M grant from the National Library of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health.

September 09, 2015

MIS Undergraduate programs rank #4 for 2016!

Welcome New MIS Faculty and Staff
September 04, 2015

The MIS department welcomes three new faculty and two new staff members to the department this fall!

Sudha Ram Presents keynote speech on “Extracting Value from Big Data”
August 28, 2015

In early August, Sudha Ram travelled to Seoul Korea to give a keynote speech on “Extracting Value from Big Data” at the 17th International Conference on Electronics Commerce (ICE2015.) The conference is an international e- commerce conference, dealing with the issues related to big data, fintech (finance + technology), and the Internet of Things (IoT.) Attendance at the conference was over 1,000 people.

Joe Valacich MIS professor presents on new technology
July 29, 2015

Congratualation to Dr. Joe Valacich MIS professor, who presented his early stage company's new technology for identifying suspicious behaviors indicative of fraud and deception to a Congressional Committee on Homeland Security hosted by U.S. Congresswoman Martha McSally.

July 22, 2015

Management information systems (MIS) majors earned the top average starting salary among Class of 2014 business graduates at the bachelor’s degree level, according to NACE’s Spring 2015 Salary Survey report. At $56,470, the average starting salary of management information systems majors was the highest among business majors that had at least 100 responses to the survey.

Bolster your career with MISonline
July 17, 2015

NOW is the time to start your online Master’s in MIS program! Prepare yourself with the management and advanced technology skills needed to become a leader and decision-maker in the technology field.

MIS Offers Early Training in Cybersecurity
July 10, 2015

High school students will learn about cybersecurity theories and threats, deception, personal computing, cloud computing, privacy issues, social media platforms, mobile development and the UA's field-related programs.