MIS 611C - Economics of Information Systems



This full semester class will meet once a week for 2.5-3 hours.  The objective of this class is to introduce second year MIS PhD students to research in the economics of information systems.  The class will organized into three parts: (1) overview of economics of IS core concepts and historically major themes of research, (2) commonly used methodologies in econ of IS research (econometrics, analytical models, experiments, and newer approaches), and (3) contemporary themes and research topics.

This will be a readings and discussion class, with heavy emphasis on both reading and discussion.  I plan to have 4-6 research articles assigned for readings every week.  Students will be expected to read and digest every article we discuss in class.  Class periods will focus heavily on student-run discussions; my role will be to moderate, fill in missing pieces, and reinforce key concepts.  My goal for students in this class is that by the end of the semester they should be confident in their ability to review Econ of IS papers, pursue Econ of IS research projects, know what courses they should take to develop further expertise, and have produced at least one work-in-progress research paper in economics of information systems.