MIS 111 Honors Projects

MIS 111 Honors Projects

The Management Information Systems (MIS) department at the University of Arizona has developed countless education programs aimed towards creating real world solutions to advance businesses and communities across the nation.  Each fall our faculty give students in the MIS 111 Honors class a chance to apply what they had learned in class to better their campus experience. 

Fall 2015 

In fall 2015, the MIS 111 Honors class looked closely at instructional technology using their insight to help improve the learning that occurs in the classroom. The freshman were challenged to think as business entrepreneurs and propose how cutting-edge apps and other web-based resources can be used in a variety of classes in colleges across campus. Students then assisted a number of faculty members to evaluate the use of twenty-six new technologies.

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Fall 2014 

For fall 2014, the MIS111 Honors class were tasked with finding ways to improve academic, residential, health, and navigation initiatives at the U of A. 

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