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Giving Students Real-World Experiences

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An integral aspect of our highly ranked programs is to expose students to real-world experiences so that they are best prepared for their professional future. Gaining real-world exposure excites students and gives them the opportunity to investigate the many exciting realms of MIS.

As one student stated after taking a behind-the-scenes visit to the Phoenix Suns venue US Airways Center. "We had the opportunity to talk with the CIO and other Suns staff and see all the communication hardware that connects the media, the officials, the network, the internet, the players, and more. Overall it was inspiring to see a career where I could combine the technology with business, marketing, and public relations. It really helped me answer questions about MIS and clarify my career goals."

We need your help to provide quality student experiences beyond the textbook. Any contribution amount is greatly appreciated.

Where your contribution will be used

  • Student transportation, meals and snacks provided during industry field trips
  • Student food and supplies for in-house informational sessions and meetings
  • Stipends for students who help manage and organize field trips, information sessions and meetings

Click here to invest in MIS Students

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