Invest in MIS Research and Teaching

Transforming the Business Practice of Tomorrow

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Today’s MIS research can transform the business practice of tomorrow. Our research also advances MIS as a science and a profession.

Effective teachers can motivate and inspire students to reach their potential even when the students feel they can’t.

Investing in MIS teaching and research make it possible for us to launch new and highly promising initiatives, to sustain current productive programs, to recruit new students and researchers, to grow an endowment for the future, and to support the fundamental needs of a vibrant organization. The generosity of donors like you can accelerate the pace at which we can make important MIS discoveries that have the capability of changing the future of business and lives of our students.

Where your contribution will be used

  • Software, hardware and technology enhancements for teaching and research activities
  • Tools, equipment, books, furniture, accessories etc. for teaching and research

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Click here to invest in MIS Research and Teaching

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