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Inspiring and Motivating People

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Hosting and attending conferences is an important aspect of being a leader. Conferences bring people together to network, share ideas and inspire each other. For junior faculty and/or students, conferences provide the opportunity to run elbows with senior researchers whose work has been admired over the years.  Those contacts may result in a new collaboration or even lead to a future post doc opportunity. 

For seasoned researchers, conferences provide the opportunity to see how others solved similar problems, which may help move them past the roadblock in their own research.

In addition to providing funds for conference needs, the MIS Fund for Excellence seeks contributions to help upgrade departmental facilities. Items like new refrigerators, chairs, tables, and copiers. Any contribution amount is greatly appreciated.

Invest in MIS ExcellenceWhere your contribution will be used

  • Hosting MIS academic and industry conferences
  • Registration and travel expenses to conferences for faculty and students
  • Upgrade departmental equipment, appliances and furniture

Click here to invest in MIS Excellence

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