Nunamaker-Chen MIS Doctoral Scholarship

MIS Nunamaker-Chen AwardThe Nunamaker-Chen MIS Docotral Scholarship was establshied in 2013 in honor of two University of Arizona MIS Regents’ professors, Jay Nunamaker and Hsinchun Chen, who have made significant contributions to the field of Information Systems over the past four decades.

Only two awards (of $1,500 each) are given each fall. The recipients are selected by the MIS Ph.D. committee for their hard work, determination and commitment to the MIS tradition, and particularly that of design science research. The scholarship provides a stipend for incoming Ph.D. students in their first year of study.

Congratulations to the following who have received this award.

Fall 2018

  • Fang Yu Lin
  • Xinran (Rebecca) Wang

Fall 2017

  • Yuanxia Li
  • Hao Liu

Fall 2016

  • Kyuhan Lee
  • Sandeep Suntwal

Fall 2015

  • Bradley Walls
  • Jiaheng Xie

Fall 2014

  • Luwen Huangfu
  • Shuo Yu

Fall 2013

  • Bradley Dorn
  • Steve Pentland