Awards and Scholarships

The MIS Department is pleased to announce the following doctoral awards and scholarships.

Paul S. and Shirley Goodman Award

The Paul S. and Shirley Goodman award was established in 1997 by former MIS professor Dr. Seymour Goodman in honor of his parents Paul S. and Shirley Goodman.

The award is given to MIS doctoral students who excel professionally in the study of international developments in the field of computer science.

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Nunamaker-Chen Scholarship

The Nunamaker-Chen MIS Doctoral Scholarship was established in 2013 in honor of two University of Arizona MIS Regents’ professors, Jay Nunamaker and Hsinchun Chen, who have made significant contributions to the field of Information Systems over the past four decades.

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James F. LaSalle Teaching Excellence Award

The James F. LaSalle Teaching Award is given every spring to an MIS graduate student instructor who exemplifies the best of teaching and who is following Jim's steps of excellence in the classroom.

This award was established in honor of Professor Jim LaSalle who has taught at the university for over 40 years and is the professor cited by the most students as having had an impact on their undergraduate education.

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