Doctoral Minor Form

Students pursuing their Ph.D. through other departments at The University of Arizona may also be able to obtain a minor in MIS. Obtaining an MIS Minor requires 12 units of MIS graduate courses (typically four courses) that will create a solid foundation in a particular area of MIS.

In addition, students completing a minor will work with their Minor advisor to prepare a paper on an appropriate MIS related topic.

At least two of the four courses must be chosen from the following MIS doctoral foundation course list:

  • MIS 531: Enterprise Data Management
  • MIS 611A: Design Science Research Methodologies
  • MIS 611B: Behavioral Research Methodologies in MIS
  • MIS 611C: Economics of Information Systems
  • MIS 611D: Topics in Data and Web Mining
  • MIS 696A: Readings in MIS
  • MIS 696D: Models for Quantitative Analysis

Please review this page for more details on earning a Minor is MIS.

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