Diversity Diner Application

Doing simple things together creates an opportunity to connect with others, build trust, discover commonalities, and understand differences. The Diversity Diner program provides micro-awards to Eller students for coffee or tea (and even pastries) with someone of a different gender, race, ethnicity, age, orientation, or ability. 

Not all applicants will be selected to participate (depending on number of applications and available funding).  

Once an application has been accepted, a student is paired with a faculty or staff member, another student, or someone from the Tucson community who is "different." We will provide a gift certificate for a coffee shop ($25!) at which to meet for drinks, food, and dialogue. Conversation points are provided to get the discussion started, as well as a few rules of engagement. Students report back on their experiences. 


Funding for the Diversity Diner program is provided by the Panhuise Family Foundation.

Your coffee companion should be someone whom you have never met, or with whom you have had minimal interaction.
How should your coffee companion be different from you? What is one attribute, quality, or status you would like them to have, so you can learn more about it?