Client Comments

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The following are MIS Master's spring project comments received from clients. Due to the sensitivity of the projects conducted, names and company references have been removed.

"The team did a great job. They took initiative and provided a great product with unsolicited but very thoughtful additions and additional suggestions for continued improvement."

"They've been terrific. Thank you for the opportunity to work with MIS again. We really appreciate the partnership and the expertise the students provide to our program."

"Thanks for giving us this team...a truly talented group of people who I'm certain will go on to have very successful careers."

"The entire team conducted themselves in a very professional manner...knowing that we were busy, they were very self-sufficient. They demonstrated a very high ability to listen…which helped them ascertain our business and technical needs, structuring the project to achieve a positive client outcome. We will be pursuing the team's recommendations in the following weeks and look to achieve significant business value from the project work."

"The end result was well organized and explained and justified to allow me to go forward to our management team. Thank you very much!"

"The entire team has provided a very valuable tool for our teachers and students. This project will impact thousands and they should be proud of their work. Each team member was professional, communicated well, and displayed good team-work. The team has built a foundation for our e-book to continue to expand with various book languages and expository reading capability for our students. They found software that we can use in both the short and long-term. We are so pleased with the outcome of our partnership with this team. I gave them several challenges to address throughout the project and they met each challenge with a positive and professional attitude. Each team member has special qualities that contributed to the success of the project. I did not have to micromanage the team which is important since I wear many hats. I gave them the assigned task with deliverables that were met and exceeded. The team was also flexible in understanding my schedule and timing."

"We added additional data and requests for analysis throughout the semester; the team was very flexible and willing to work with the additional information to expand the scope of their analysis. Overall, I was very impressed with their research and the outcome of the project."

"Great job!"

"I am profoundly proud of this team and how they conducted themselves. They worked tirelessly on this project and went above and beyond the scope of our charter. This team took ownership of this project from the start and produced an exceptional framework for us as a company to implement. We have actually started to implement some of the recommendations provided by this team. This is our third year working with MIS department and this project exceeded all of our expectations. EXELLENT work by this team!"

"Very creative as well as hard working. To be creative, a team must not only thoroughly understand the project and the goals, but also the boundaries of desired goals including risk and failure. This team was superb in all respects!"

"We are most grateful for this opportunity to advance our work and to have the support of the MIS graduate students. We are very sensitive to the challenges of this project and the short time frame to achieve its goals. We are extremely pleased with the final product."