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Ways to Connect With Our Students and/or Researchers

Educating the future workforce and finding new ways to analyze data is the heart and soul of the MIS department’s strategy, whether we’re working alone or in a partnership. With over $85 million dollars in research funding supported by a team of highly acclaimed research professors, the MIS Department ranks as one of the top five IS educators in the country.

We believe that by combining great science with rigorous educational curriculum we can bring innovative approaches to complex business challenges and provide a steady pipeline of future innovators and leaders.

We seek to engage with all types of organizations to accomplish this goal. By pooling the talents of our researchers and student teams, MIS has engaged in numerous collaborations with a range of companies and research institutions. These collaborations fit within our strategy of Shaping the Future of IT by staying at the forefront of information systems.

We are particularly proud of the collaborative business culture we have developed over the years and how some of our partnerships have helped our partners’ businesses grow beyond the alliance.


Students are the MIS department’s greatest asset, providing companies with highly motivated and well-trained graduates ready to enter the fast-paced business world. Opportunities for corporations to engage with students are extensive and include the following. Interested in connecting with our students? Please contact our MIS Career Coordinator for details.

MIS Jobs and Internships


Admission into our programs is highly selective and we choose only the cream of the crop to participate in our educational experience. Take advantage of these exceptional students. [more]

MIS Student Projects

Student Projects

Gain innovative solutions to your business problems through projects. Receive quality useful consulting work, plus an opportunity to observe potential employees in action. [more]

MIS Student Run Organizations

Student Organizations

Enhance your student visibility by participating in MIS student run activities. Students are eager to connect with professionals in a variety of ways. Corporate opportunities include speakers, networking and educational options. [more]

MIS Scholarships


Scholarships provide critical support to outstanding MIS students. These funds support students who have demonstrated academic excellence and professional potential but find the cost of a top ten rated school prohibitive. [more]

MIS Career Fair

MIS Career Fair provides corporations, nonprofits and government agencies the opportunity to interact with MIS students from a top-ranked MIS program. The fairs are a great venue for your company to showcase employment opportunities and promote your business to over 300 MIS students at the University of Arizona. The events are strategically designed to introduce your company to top-notch candidates at all degree levels who are seeking internships and career/post-graduation employment opportunities. [more]

Faculty/Research Centers

Faculty expertise and research distinguishes the MIS department as one of the top information systems programs in the country. Our department houses several research centers of excellence which develop and encourage innovation.

The centers have close ties to industry that enable interaction between faculty, students and corporate partners through research activities and projects. Please contact the center/research group directly if interested in connecting with them.

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab led by Dr. Hsinchun Chen was founded in 1989 and is an internationally-known research group in the areas of digital libraries, intelligent retrieval, collaborating computing, and knowledge management. The group is known for its adaptation and development of scalable and practical artificial intelligence, neural networks, genetic algorithms, statistical analysis, computational linguistics, and visualization techniques. Visit the AI Lab.


Center for the Management of Information

The Center for the Management of Information (CMI) led by Dr. Jay Nunamaker was founded in 1985 and has established itself as a world a leader in the research and development of collaboration processes and technologies. Through its research into the art and science of collaboration, CMI is redefining the way people work and communicate. CMI develops the theory, technology and processes that allow groups to move to new levels of efficiency and productivity while retaining a focus on the people at the heart of every organization. Visit CMI.


Information Assurance and Security Education Center

The Information Assurance and Security Education Center (IASEC) was established to address the growing need for Information Security professionals trained with a focus in Information Assurance.  The center’s primary focus to foster curriculum development, research, professional alliances, and educational outreach as it applies to areas of information security and Information Assurance (IA), training, and awareness. Visit IASEC.

INSITE: Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics

The Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics (INSITE) led by Drs. Sudha Ram and Dr. Paulo Goes is designed to address the nonstop flood of data being generated by social media and Web 2.0. The center will develop innovative analytical techniques to unleash the hidden wealth in this data, harness the power of social media, and lead to actionable insights for organizations. Visit INSITE.

National Center for Border Security and Immigration (BORDERS)

The National Center for Border Security and Immigration (BORDERS) is a consortium of 14 premier institutions that is dedicated to the development of innovative technologies, proficient processes, and effective policies that will help protect our Nation’s borders, foster international trade, and enhance long-term understanding of immigration determinants and dynamics. Visit BORDERS.