Team Members: Brittany Thome, Hailey Jundt, Natalie Moore,and Kiara Perez

MIS 111 Emaze


Our product, Emaze, is an online presentation site that teachers can use to create PowerPoints for classroom lectures, and students can use to follow along and review the presentation material in class and at home as well.Unlike many other presentations, already existing PowerPoints can be uploaded and turned into an Emaze presentation format.  Emaze can also beset on a time schedule to ensure that teachers can fit in all the required information in the class period without needing to constantly check the clock and pause class. Emaze is an exciting and innovative reimagining of the teaching presentation platform. It is a vast improvement on other presentation platforms such as Powerpoint and Prezi because of its many unique features; including increased teacher - student interactivity, improved design and aesthetics, and simple and intuitive usability.

Emaze Business Report