Throughout their academic career, MIS Doctoral students will be encouraged to conduct research, submit it to conferences and journals, and to engage in personal network building to become a member of the larger community. The MIS department encourages these activities and has a travel fund established for MIS doctoral students to attend conferences, workshops, and other career-building activities.

In order to receive departmental travel funding, students must be in good standing in the department and:

  1. Obtain MIS travel authorization prior to traveling
  2. Submit an application, budget, and current CV. (Download the form here.)
  3. Apply for Graduate & Professional Studies (GPSC) Travel grants, if eligible. If the student has already received a travel grant in the current year, this should be stated on the application form.
  4. Use grant funding first if the conference attendance is related to grant activity.

Applications will be evaluated based on the student’s progress in the program, whether or not the student is presenting at the conference, and the role of the conference in the student’s overall professional development, in light of the demand and budget in any given year. Students applying for more than one conference in a given year should rank the conferences in order of preference, as funding will typically only be awarded for one conference (unless it is the student’s terminal year).

Travel funding amounts will be determined based on actual costs of conference attendance, assuming early bird registration, lowest cost flights, and room sharing at the conference. Students who wish to attend a conference without a paper or other role are welcome to apply. However, it should be noted that funding amounts may be adjusted downward for attendance only. The application and additional details may be found here and on the MIS Doctoral department web page here.