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A Leader in IT Education and Research

Since pioneering one of the nation's first Management Information Systems (MIS) curricula over four decades ago, the MIS Department at The University of Arizona has become a leader in IT education and research.

U.S. News & World Report has ranked our program among the top five in the country since 1989—the year the rankings began.


Dynamic Research and Faculty

Our program reflects the vigorous dynamics of technology today. Our research is generating real-world solutions that improve business today. Our alumni hold leadership positions in diverse business environments — from Fortune 500 technology and consulting enterprises to emerging new ventures. Our distinguished faculty win research and teaching awards. We continue to pioneer in grant-funded basic and applied research and in educating over 5,000 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students in data science programs.

As we enter our fourth decade in MIS, we see many changes taking place. Today more and more corporations are outsourcing software design, development, and maintenance activities, as well as call and data center operations, to offshore facilities. It is critical that we produce MIS professionals who understand the strategic role information technology can play to keep a firm competitive, proactively manage the IT solutions chosen, and look to explore the role of advanced information technologies in newer applications.


Shaping the Future of IT

We invite you to visit the following webpages to see first hand how we are Shaping the Future of IT.

  • Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral ground and MISonline programs
  • Research section to see how we are extending our capabilities to advance the state of the art in information technologies.
  • Corporate resources and our News and Events sections to see how we are interacting and partnering with the business community so we can continually stay on top of the many IT management challenges.


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