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Management Information Systems

MIS 2011 Alumni Homecoming Event Recap

November 9, 2011

MIS Alumni gathered on Friday November 4, 2011 to reconnect with each other and the department. The events tied into UA's homecoming celebrations and were very well received and attended!

The morning started with a research presentation by Dr. Jay Nunamaker. Over 75 people attended the presentation which was part of the Universities Homecoming Collegiate and Campus Showcase. The presentation was open to the entire UA community.

Dr. Nunamaker's presentation, titled "Technology for Securing the Nation's Borders," reviewed his team's projects being conducted through BORDERS (The National Center for Border Security and Immigration.) After the presentation attendees experienced BORDERS new technologies first-hand.

Following the presentation, MIS alumni gathered in McClelland Hall's atrium to socialize and enjoy lunch.

Special luncheon keynote speaker was Dr. Jim LaSalle who retired from the MIS department in 2004. Dr. LaSalle is noted as being a "Master Teacher" who taught over 40 years and has educated close to 50,000 students during his MIS tenure.

Over 40 MIS alumnus, 15 MIS students, and 8 MIS faculty/staff members attended the luncheon. Each MIS alum received an UA MIS pennant as a souvenir of their attendance. In addition, fours prizes were given out to alumni in the following categories:

  • The person who travelled the farthest (Dave Galen, 1980)
  • The "earliest" MIS alumni in attendance (David Peyton, 1976)
  • The "latest" MIS alumni in attendance (Robert Jentoft-Valenzuela, 2009)
  • The person who RSVP'd to the event the first (Nancy Ashley, 1995)

Interestingly the following are the demographics of the MIS alumni who attended the event.

Graduation Year UA MIS Degree Earned
1970's = 2 Bachelor's = 19
1980's = 20 Master's = 11
1990's = 8 Doctoral = 10
2000's = 10  

We wish to thank each and every person who attended both the presentation and the luncheon and hope they enjoyed the events as much as we did!

Keep us posted on what you are doing and update your contact information.